When it comes to designing a personal home it is imperative to know what you like and what you dislike, we have the right design team just to do that.  Your dream home might be a traditional style or a contemporary one; you can be sure that with minimum time we can develop a plan to your liking.  We will make sure you are involved in the details, we discuss your options and selection of materials making sure that they are within your budget.

If you are refurbishing your existing home or you are thinking to apply for planning permission, we can help you.  If you have started the work and you have become stuck for some reason, let us know. We would not charge you if we have not done any work.



We like to think we consider the following when we designing for our clients


Inspiring & Versatile

Sophisticated, Modern or Classic

Colourful & Fresh

Design Services We Offer;


New Build


Interior design

Landscaping & Garden


New Build-We offer good and practical choices, we think a house should be designed so that you feel happy and comfortable in it, you should be proud of calling it a home, it could be traditional or modern with an open floor plan or balcony and we think it should be a bright house.  We will help you to choose the right plan to suit your needs and we make sure that it will be a good experience being involved.

We also modify your plan if you have already started one yourself.


Renovation-when it comes to renovation and the client is unhappy with the way their domain looks, we think we have to make the change so that they love the change and the fresh look.  Renovation can be a small project such as a loft conversion, a bathroom or a kitchen or both and more.  We are here to give that sense of looking forward to coming home because you love it because it is comfortable and looks gorgeous and colourful.


Interior design-Creative Interior design solutions, this is what we offer. Qualified and professional people planning internal space, selecting building materials, recommending fixtures and fittings and helping clients choose lighting and furnishings that combine to create truly inspirational interiors.  We can be versatile &sophisticated or modern, or classical, the choice is yours.  If you need to renovate you home, we seek to optimise and transform available space so that client gets maximum benefit from the re-design of their home.


Landscape & Garden design-There are plenty of choices when it comes to gardening, is it to be an Elizabethan, or Victorian, Edwardian or may be a modern style the list goes on or perhaps it is just a wild garden, do you like water features or you wish to have a garden designed to attract different species?  We will design a bespoke garden just the way you want it.  The choice is yours we can show you either some design scheme s for you to choose from or you can have your own external designer who will spend some time with you to produce a design, and they see it through to finish.






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